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  • Yo! Welcome to Korea! photo

    Yo! Welcome to Korea!

    What would be the real Korea in the eyes of foreigners who visit Korea for the first time in their life? Chosen as one of the “Must visit City’ in 2017,Seoul,Korea! What will be the first impression of Korea? what would foreigners be surprised and interested of? Unprecedented Chance to live like a ‘real Korean’. Through the eyes of foreigners, you can experience the real meaning of ‘travel’ and see the cultural differences between. Trip-reality-show with friends!

    • icon90mins x Weekly
    • iconKim Jun-hyun, DinDin, Alberto Mondi, Shin A-young
  • Rural Police photo

    South Korean Foreigners

    This is an unpredictable quiz showdown. Ten foreigners who know Korean culture better than Koreans compete in quizzes against Korean celebrities. Regardless of nationality, it's a quiz show for people full of love for Korea.

    • icon90mins x Weekly
    • iconMC: Kim Yong-man, Park Myung-soo(Team leader)
  • The Boyz Snackbar photo

    Show Champion

    Completely conquering the rapidly changing K-POP trend! Live music show where you can see new music and legendary performances of K-POP champions every week.

    • icon70mins x Weekly
    • iconMC: Moon Bin, Yoon San-ha, Kang Min
  • SEVENTEEN’s one fine day in JAPAN photo

    SEVENTEEN’s one fine day in JAPAN

    Thirteen members of SEVENTEEN play a trip-tycoon in city of snow, Akita, Japan. This time, they have the freedom to buy and eat whatever they want, and go wherever they want to go. However, they have to be the player on this whole game trip. They have to break all the quests spread in Akita and acquire mysterious idol HP. Will 13 young men can finally achieve ‘Level-up’in this trip-tycoon? Would you also like to ‘Log-in’ and join the trip to beautiful prefectural city, Akita?

    • icon60mins x 8ep
    • iconSEVENTEEN
  • Weekly Idol photo

    Weekly Idol

    Weekly Idol is a program focused on the hottest idol groups in Korea. This variety show is hosted by Jung Hyung-don and Defconn, and has featured some of Korea’s most popular stars including G-Dragon, IU, EXO, WINNER, Beast, BTS, CNBLUE and Mamamoo. After the hosts and two guests solve quizzes about idol stars, the idol star of the week appears as a guest and participates in games such as Random Play Dance and the Idol King Contest with the hosts.

    • icon240~(Weekly)eps x 60 min
    • iconMC: Hwang Kwang-hee, eunhyuk(Super Junior)